bridge parapet
bungeeless jump
sodden love letter
slowly unclenched


27 Responses

  1. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah but you told me “life jackets at all times!” – I’m pulling you out…. you’re coming round. Surprisingly not heavy…

    You’re on the bank now

  2. beautiful marcos

  3. downstream,
    enidd, curious
    (who? why?)
    over river
    starts to read:
    “teabags, sugar, milk”

    shopping at tesco can be such a demoralising experience, can’t it?

  4. Oh? Who to?

    They’ll never get it now will they?

    You’ll have to rewrite it Ed!

  5. If you are going to do that, at least stuff it in a bottle so that there’s the hope that it will wash ashore somewhere and be found by someone curious enough to look. Someone who might be feeling that there is no passion or mystery in the world. Think of how it would feel, in that frame of mind, to find a love letter…
    Wonderful poem.

  6. Come to think of it…
    blogs are a bottle…

  7. sorry, sir ed. enidd did start out trying to write something moving and heartfelt, but before she knew it she’d just made a cheap jibe. she’s such a shallow person, sigh.
    lj – love the blogs as bottles thing.

  8. Edvard, we need to chat. First this threatening to quit blogging thing. Then THIS leaping from a bridge thing??

    Are you just craving a cigarette badly??

    There, there now.

  9. I don’t know why, but all I can think of is a scene from Braveheart.

    Weird that.

  10. sad, simple , lovely

  11. lj: imagine, all those millions of blogs bobbing around the world’s oceans and rivers…

    enidd: …it’s also what makes me love you.

    cubana gringa: you got a cigarette? better still, you got a cigar?

    timbo: does it happen in the movie? I haven’t seen that one…

    isabelle: hello and thank you.

  12. I like that. I’m always impressed by people who can write poetry because it’s so hard. I think you’re clever.

  13. Must be something in the North East air…
    Drove down to the levee but the levee was dry.


  14. Mr.X hopes that this rather touching post is in no way autobiographical.

    …And how dare you produce two such wonderful posts in under a week? It’s showing the rest of us up, you swine 🙂

  15. *blush*

    not in front of the bloggers !

  16. Deliciously sad.

    I agree with Mr X though, the rest of us look like awful slack hacks compared to you of late.

  17. Bungeeless jump so… splat?

  18. Egad, you are good. Very.

  19. Oh Sir E, don’t jump. Put the letter in your pocket.

  20. Why is it that whenever I try and write poetry I HAVE to make it rhyme?

    Oh well, it may be shite in the poetic circles (like what you have) but my kids love it 🙂

    Good on you mate!


  21. I’ve felt like this a bit recently – figuratively speaking of course. As long as there’s chocolate to pull me through though there’ll be no ‘bungee-less jumps’…unless of course there’s a parachute, and then there’s no stopping me!

  22. Ahem. Edvard? Eddddvaaard.
    Mail on the doorstoop. Curtains pulled. No lights.
    Okay. Come back. Try later.

  23. So, did the bungeeless jump work or not?
    I WANT to know because I am doing one next week!
    Just raise an eyebrow if it did!

  24. Come baaaaaaaack!

  25. I bounced back up!
    Life a succession of bungeeless jumps.
    One invariably lands on something soft but every now and then one cannot help getting splattered!

  26. Blimey! You have dissolved for good then. Maybe you are now available on tap from any good kitchen nationwide?

  27. (BLUSH) (AGAIN) (GRIN)

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